Spring 2019 Full Stack Deep Learning Bootcamp

Hands-on program for developers familiar with the basics of deep learning

Training the model is just one part of shipping a Deep Learning project. In this course, we teach the full stack of production Deep Learning:

  • Formulating the problem and estimating project cost
  • Finding, cleaning, labeling, and augmenting data 
  • Picking the right framework and compute infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting training and ensuring reproducibility
  • Deploying the model at scale

Students will complete a project culminating in deploying a computer vision and natural language processing system into production. There is also an opportunity to test your knowledge and prepare for interviews with an optional written exam.

Course Materials

Course Project: Build and Deploy an End-to-End Deep Learning System

More info on the course project coming soon!

Lectures (Day 1)

Coming Soon!

Lectures (Day 2)

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