Full Stack Deep Learning Bootcamp

Hands-on program for developers familiar with the basics of deep learning

Training the model is just one part of shipping a Deep Learning project. In this course, we teach the full stack of production Deep Learning:

  • Formulating the problem and estimating project cost
  • Finding, cleaning, labeling, and augmenting data 
  • Picking the right framework and compute infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting training and ensuring reproducibility
  • Deploying the model at scale

Students will complete a project culminating in deploying a computer vision and natural language processing system into production. There is also an opportunity to test your knowledge and prepare for interviews with an optional written exam.

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FSDL is an intensive training program for engineers seeking to expand their skills in machine learning. Over the two days of the bootcamp, you will build an end-to-end computer vision and natural language processing system. The cost of the program is $2,450 for working professionals and $1,225 for current students.

We strongly encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply.   is generously sponsoring a scholarship program - details are available in the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our course is aimed at people who already know the basics and want experience with the full stack. We expect you to have:

  • At least one year experience programming in Python.
  • At least one deep learning course (can be online).
  • Experience with code versioning, Unix environments, and software engineering.

We will not review the fundamentals of deep learning (gradient descent, backpropagation, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, etc), so you should review these materials in advance of the bootcamp if you are rusty.

Over the course of the two days, the instructors will present material on setting up ML projects, debugging neural networks, data collection and management, infrastructure and tooling, testing and deployment, the ML job market, and the state of cutting-edge ML research. Participants will hear lectures from top industry practitioners and spend 30% of the time on developing and deploying a state-of-the-art computer vision and natural language processing system.

Below is the draft schedule for the bootcamp.

We administer and grade an optional hour-long online exam that is representative of questions you may be asked in deep learning engineering interviews. You have the choice to opt-in to the exam after completing the course. We are also happy to provide certifications of attendance and exam score upon request.
Yes, video recordings and slides from the bootcamps will be made available after our Spring 2019 bootcamps.

We offer a 50% discount off the professional price to current undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, Turnitin is sponsoring a scholarship program for members of underrepresented groups. See the application for details.

For those unable to attend in person, we will be making lecture videos and slides available for free online in the months following the bootcamps.

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