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Full Stack Deep Learning - Course 2022

Course in Progress

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We will release lecture videos on Mondays at 6pm Pacific and lab videos on Wednesdays at 6pm Pacific on YouTube.

Week Lecture Lab Project
2022-08-08 Lecture 1: Course Vision and When to Use ML Labs 1-3: CNNs, Transformers, PyTorch Lightning -
2022-08-15 Lecture 2: Development Infrastructure & Tooling Lab 4: Experiment Management -
2022-08-22 Lecture 3: Troubleshooting & Testing Lab 5: Troubleshooting -
2022-08-29 Lecture 4: Data Management Lab 6: Data Annotation Start forming groups
2022-09-05 Lecture 5: Deployment Lab 7: Web Deployment Group proposals due
2022-09-12 Lecture 6: Continual Learning & Monitoring Lab 8: Model Monitoring Work on project
2022-09-19 Lecture 7: Foundation Models Work on project
2022-09-26 Lecture 8: ML Project Management Work on project
2022-10-03 Lecture 9: Ethics Work on project
2022-10-10 Project Presentations Project due

Detailed Contents

Lab Overview

We walk through the entire architecture of the application we will be building, from soup to nuts. Published July 25, 2022.

Lecture 1: Course Vision and When to Use ML

We review the purpose of the course and consider when it's a good (or bad!) idea to use ML. Published August 8, 2022.

Labs 1-3: CNNs, Transformers, PyTorch Lightning

We review deep learning architectures and work through basic model training with PyTorch + Lightning. Published August 10, 2022.