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Full Stack LLM Bootcamp

🚀 Full Stack LLM Bootcamp 🚀

  • Learn best practices and tools for building LLM-powered apps
  • Cover the full stack from prompt engineering to user-centered design
  • Get up to speed on the state-of-the-art
Venn diagram showing that FSDL is at the intersection of a course, a hackathon, and a conference.



The way AI-powered apps are built has changed:

  • Before LLMs, an idea would bottleneck on training models from scratch, and then it'd bottleneck again on scalable deployment.
  • Now, a compelling MVP based on pretrained LLM models and APIs can be configured and serving users in an hour.

An entirely new ecosystem of techniques, tools, and tool vendors is forming around LLMs. Even ML veterans are scrambling to orient themselves to what is now possible and figure out the most productive techniques and tools.


We put together a two-day program based on emerging best practices and the latest research results to help you make the transition to building LLM apps with confidence.

We ran that program as an in-person bootcamp in San Francisco in April 2023. Now, we're releasing the recorded lectures, for free!

What do I need to know already?

The lectures aim to get anyone with experience programming in Python ready to start building applications that use LLMs.

Experience with at least one of machine learning, frontend, or backend will be very helpful.


Image of the instructors and attendees at the 2023 FSDL LLM Bootcamp

We are Full Stack Deep Learning. We're a team of UC Berkeley PhD alumni with years of industry experience who are passionate about teaching people how to make deep neural networks work in the real world.

Since 2018, we have taught in-person bootcamps, online multi-week cohorts, and official semester-long courses at top universities.

Group photo of the attendees of FSDL March 2019 bootcamp Group photo of the attendees of FSDL August 2018 bootcamp Group photo of the attendees of FSDL November 2019 bootcamp

Instructor Team

Photo of Charles Frye
Charles Frye educates people in AI. He has worked on AI/ML tooling with Weights & Biases and Gantry since getting a PhD in Theoretical Neuroscience at UC Berkeley.
Photo of Sergey Karayev
Sergey Karayev builds AI-powered products as Co-founder of Volition. He co-founded Gradescope after getting a PhD in AI at UC Berkeley.
Photo of Josh Tobin
Josh Tobin builds tooling for AI products as Co-founder and CEO of Gantry. He worked as a Research Scientist at OpenAI and received a PhD in AI at UC Berkeley.

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