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Project Showcase

Students who registered for the synchronous version of the course formed teams and worked on their own deep learning-powered products.

Whether you're looking for your next startup idea or deciding how to improve your portfolio, we hope these projects inspire you to build something real with DNNs!


Many of these projects were made possible thanks to a generous donation of GPU-accelerated compute infrastructure by LambdaLabs. Check them out if you're looking for on-prem or cloud GPU machines!

If you're interested in working on full stack projects, join us on Discord and post/ask around about group project work.

Course Co-Pilot

An ML powered application for streamlining the process of creating chapter markers and lesson summaries for course content creators.

Team: Kurian Benoy, Wayde Gilliam, Suvash Thapaliya
Live Demo. Slide Deck.


A full-stack ML-powered website that utilizes users’ webcam feeds to answer open-ended questions requiring outside knowledge.

Team: Andrew Hinh
Live Demo.

Green-Screen Image Composition-Transfer

An ML-powered app for adding (optionally Stable Diffusion-generated) virtual backgrounds to images that uses style transfer to match lighting anad composition.

Team: Nitin Kishore Sai Samala
Live Demo. Poster.

Weak Supervision and Active Learning with Text Data

An approach to minimise human labelling for text classification tasks.

Team: Aleks Hiidenhovi, Bernardo García, Diego Quintana, Edoardo Abati, Juan Manuel, Kushal Ramaiya
GitHub Repo. Slide Deck.

X-Ray Diagnosis AI Assistant

An interface to support medical practitioners in diagnosing and interpreting x-ray images.

Team: Arun Hegde, Samarth Keshari, Amulya Badal, Ross Cheung, Seyhan Karakulak
GitHub Repo.

Mom's AI Food Logger

An app for my mom that automatically identifies and tracks the food she eats.

Team: Prince Javier
Live Demo.

Archaeological Feature Detector

A prototype web app to help archaeologists interpret automatically detected objects as part of a machine-learning-powered survey workflow.

Team: Philanoe, jmmoreu, Kemp, lakillo
Slide Deck.

Semantic Search Engine for Images

A semantic text search engine over images, along with monitoring.

Team: Sandhya Govindaraju, Utkarsh Vardhan, Gabriella Chiribau, Amit Kumar Sah
Live Demo. Slide Deck.


An image to recipe food classifier.

Team: Carlo David, Chavo Kim, George Loh, Nari Jeong, and Rina Buoy
Live Demo. Slide Deck.


A pragmatic approach to identifying illustrated pages in digitised historic books.

Team: Frank Smitskamp, Zacharie Bouhnik, Daniel van Strien
Live Demo. GitHub Repo.

Full Stack Stable Diffusion

A deployment of Stable Diffusion Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image pipelines with a full stack architecture.

Team: Okan Ulusoy and Omid Abdollahi Aghdam
GitHub Repo.

Multimodal Fusion Models for Healthcare

An architecture for using multiple modalities of healthcare data to train deep learning models.

Team: Vinod Nair, Khoa Nguyen, Carlos Leyson, Kieran Didi, Sridhar Iyer, Alan Chang
GitHub Repo. Slide Deck.

Measure the diameter of nanofibers in microscopy images.

Team: @f_cossio, @yael_su, @__coszio, @aledelunap
Live Demo. Slide Deck.


An app that guesses the location of an image, video, or video url.

Team: David Hrachovy, Samhita Alla, Yiyi Xu, Winson Truong
Live Demo. GitHub Repo.

👻 Image Anonymiser

An ML-powered image anonymisation web app.

Team: Sami Saadaoui, Vladislav Vancak, Lawrence Francis, Dan Howarth, Allan Stevenson
GitHub Repo. Project Page.


An interface for red-teaming open source text generation models from the Hugging Face hub.

Team: Sashank Pisupati, Sajenthan Vigneswaran, Kemp Bray, Jean-Antoine Zagato
Live Demo. Slide Deck.

Board Game Rules Explainer

A board game question-answering system to save players from having to check the rulebook.

Team: Rafal Wojcik, Tim Jones, Issam Hammi, Muriel Hol
Live Demo. GitHub Repo. Slide Deck.

Gesto AI - ASL Word Recognizer

A real-time, word-level American Sign Language translation app.

Team: Shivam Arora, Daniel Firebanks-Quevedo, Pablo Oberhauser, Dhruv Shah, Ibrahim Sherif, Samuel Tang
Live Demo. Slide Deck.


Choosistant helps you decide which product to buy by summarizing pros and cons from written reviews.

Team: Kimotho, Murad Khalilov, Nam, Omar Ali Sheikh, Sofiane Chami
Project Page.

Semantic Search & Sentiment Analysis

Upload a PDF or text document and enable semantic QA and sentiment analysis.

Team: Sam Tonetto, Francisco Perez-Sorrosal, Navaneeth Tirupathi, Alexander Chia, Priyam Sadhukhan
Project Repo. Slide Deck.

In-Browser AI

Run modern neural networks directly in your browser from a computer or phone.

Team: Alexander Visheratin
Live Demo. Slide Deck.

Audio VTuber

Animate a cartoon with facial expressions using only your voice.

Team: Alex Service, Moon Ma
Live Demo. Slide Deck.

OCR SemSearch

OCR SemSearch allows you to perform semantic search on text within images from different types of documents.

Team: Sebastian Gonzalez Aseretto, Paramtap Mewada
Project Poster.

Live Art in Context

Draw on the creative power of modern ML models to create art responsive to events in text or video streams.

Team: David Murphy, Angel Carvajal, Theresa Thoraldson, Chris Lonsberry
Slide Deck.

Plant ID

A plant species identifier available as a web app and as a cross-platform mobile app.

Team: Ben Michel, Navid Matin Moghaddam, Stone Jiang, Shishir Valalla, Vibudh Singh
Live Demo. Slide Deck.

Landcover Segmentation

A data product for multi-class semantic segmentation of earth observation images using a UNet architecture.
Team: Suzana, Roland Ritt, Sheebo

Slide Deck.

Meeting Graph Generator

Team: Soroush Bassam
Slide Deck. GitHub Repo.

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