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Full Stack Deep Learning Courses

The Full Stack Deep Learning course started in 2018, as a three-day bootcamp hosted on Berkeley campus. Since then, we've hosted several in-person bootcamps, online courses, and official university courses.

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Past Iterations

  • FSDL 2022 (Online): A fully online course, taught via YouTube, Crowdcast, and Discord.
  • FSDL 2021 (Online): Contemporaneous with the Berkeley course, we taught an online cohort course.
  • FSDL 2021 (Berkeley): Taught as a UC Berkeley undergrad course CS194-080 in Spring 2021
  • FSDL 2020 (UW): Taught as University of Washington Professional Master's Program course CSEP 590C in Spring 2020
  • FSDL 2019 (Online): Materials from the November 2019 bootcamp held on Berkeley campus organized in a nice online format.
  • FSDL 2019 (Bootcamp): Raw materials from the March 2019 bootcamp, held on Berkeley campus.
  • FSDL 2018 (Bootcamp): Our first bootcamp, held on Berkeley campus in August 2018

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