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Building an AI-powered product is much more than just training a model or writing a prompt.

The Full Stack brings people together to learn and share best practices across the entire lifecycle of an AI-powered product: from defining the problem and picking a GPU or foundation model to production deployment and continual learning to user experience design.

Get up to speed on the latest in AI-powered apps with the new Large Language Models Bootcamp.

Learn best practices and tools for building applications powered by LLMs.

Cover the full stack from prompt engineering and LLMops to user experience design.

Build an AI-powered application from the ground up in our Deep Learning Course.

You've trained your first (or 100th) model, and you're ready to take your skills to the next level.

Join thousands from UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and all over the world and learn best practices for building AI-powered products from scratch with deep neural networks.

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