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Synchronous Cohort Option

We organized the synchronous cohort for the 2022 course via Discord.

It's project time! How do I access my free GPUs?

Check out the instructions here.

How do I know if I'm fully registered?

If you completed your registration for the course, you should be able to access the #course-announcements channel here.

Please email us at [email protected] if you registered for the course but cannot access the Discord.

I've registered and I'm in the Discord. How do I follow along?

For a quick list of the most important links for cohort members, see this Discord post. You can add the private course calendar linked there to your own so you never miss an event.

For a tour of the Discord, plus some tips and tricks, check out the video below:

How do I control my notifications in Discord?

To stay apprised of updates without getting overwhelmed, we suggest these notification settings: notification settings

You can find them here in the Discord web client: notification-menu

Only course staff can use the remaining notification stream, @mentions.

If you turn off @role/@everyone/@here, you won't see announcements about live events and changes of schedule.

If you want to further reduce distractions, turn off the notification dot.

You can also mute individual channels, leaving only #course-announcements off mute.

Only instructors can post in the #course-announcements channel.

If you furthermore hide muted channels, the Discord interface will only show that channel, but you'll miss out on the chance to discover discussions in other channels.